Brew Method - Moka Pot

A Moka Pot is a great tool for making a full-bodied coffee, rich in aroma. There are a few different styles, but they operate on the same basic principle. There are two chambers, where the water is heated in the lower chamber and the vapor pressure pushes the water up through the ground coffee, which collects in the upper chamber.


What you'll need:

• Moka Pot

• Ground Coffee (fine grind)

• Water


Step by Step Guide: 

1. Fill the lower chamber with cold water up to the level of the valve.

2. Fill the filter with ground coffee, but do not pack it down; place the filter into the lower chamber.

3. Screw the two chambers together tightly.

4. Place to moka pot on the stove.

5. Keeping the heat low, remove the pot from heat when the coffee starts to gurgle.

6. After the Moka pot cools down, disassemble it and rinse the components with warm water. Avoid using soap to preserve the pot's seasoned flavor.