Our Coffee & FAQ


Roasted Provisions thoughtfully partnered with a family-owned and operated roaster (owned by an Eagle Scout and Arrowman) in Southern California. Our teammates work to expertly source the best coffee beans from around the world.


Roasted Provisions supports the ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability of our coffee.  Our roasting partner is committed to ensuring fair and ethical practices at our coffee’s source.  Their familiarity with the farm and its farmers enables this practice, while also guaranteeing the quality of the coffee beans.  

We acknowledge that the further we are from the purchase makes it harder for us to know with 100% certainty how the farm/farmers are treated.  But we also know that requiring a farmer to participate in a particular program to achieve a certification does not guarantee a positive outcome for the farmer.

Our goal at Roasted Provisions is to grow our company to a point where we will have complete ownership of the process – from bean purchase, to roasting, to your cup.  We hope you will be a part of our journey.


Your coffee wasn’t roasted 6-9 months ago and sitting on the grocery store shelf. It was roasted just for you by our team of skilled roasters – craftsmen that meticulously work to achieve the best flavor profile from each bean. They roast small batches of the select specialty grade coffee for your specific order.  Nothing is sitting on the shelf to fulfill an order. Within 48 hours of roasting, the coffee is on its way to you, ensuring you are able to enjoy it at its peak flavor.