Grind Levels

Finding your grind...

Just like any recipe, there are a variety of components to your brew. Finding the best combination of grind, coffee/water ratio, water temperature, and brewing time is an exciting process in and of itself.

For the grind component of your brew, and speaking in the broadest terms, there are four main grind levels:

1. Coarse
Consistency: Similar to breadcrumbs or rough sea salt
Brewing Methods: French Press, Cold Brew, Percolator

2. Medium
Consistency: Similar to sand or table salt
Brewing Methods: Drip Coffee Makers, Pour-Over (i.e. V60, Chemex), Aeropress

3. Fine
Consistency: Similar to sugar
Brewing Methods: Espresso, Moka Pot

4. Extra Fine
Consistency: Similar to powdered sugar or flour
Brewing Methods: Turkish Coffee

These grind levels cover a wide range of brewing methods, allowing coffee enthusiasts to tailor their grind size to the specific requirements of their chosen brewing technique. It's important to note that the grind size significantly impacts the extraction process and ultimately influences the flavor profile of the brewed coffee.

The MEDIUM grind is the most versatile and an area to experiment with.  For example, depending on your filter, a "medium-fine" is better for an AeroPress.  Some might say that a "medium-coarse" is better for a Chemex.  Or someone wanting Cowboy Coffee might want an "extra coarse" grind.

One tool to consider investing in is a quality burr grinder.  These grinders will offer the most consistency in the grind, and often have multiple settings to dial into a very specific level of grind.