Roasted Provisions is an idea that brings together several aspects of what we - and so many others - care about.  

Our family has been involved with Scouting for many years.  We had the opportunity to live in the United Kingdom, and during that time, our appreciation and understanding of Scouting grew immensely - especially the world brotherhood of Scouting.  We met UK Scouts and Scouters while camping at Brownsea Island, the site of the 1907 experimental camp; and hiking to the Humsaugh Cairn, the site of the first official campout in 1908.  We met Scouts from around the world while camping at Kandersteg International Scout Centre, the permanent world jamboree; and attending a Camporee at Normandy Beach and trading neckerchiefs with European Scouting organizations that were present.  Scouting, at its core, develops the world's youth the be better citizens while appreciating the outdoors.  While our family is heavily invested in BSA, we believe in "big Scouting."  There are numerous Scouting organizations in the US and around the world with a common goal, we do not profess that BSA is the one and only source for developing our nation's youth.

Because we believe in Scouting's purpose, we would like to help reduce or remove any obstacles for youth to be Scouts.  We also love coffee.  Scouters love coffee.  Much of the world loves coffee.  So we're combining our passions to raise funds for Scouting.  Imagine covering the registration fees for families that are financial struggling.  Or providing more camperships to help Scouts go to summer camp.

There are currently three main Scouting themes within Roasted Provisions - Order of the Arrow, Wood Badge, and General Scouting.  We all want to have some fun in Scouting, so the names try to find the balance of humor as well as honor the core of what brings us together.

For Roasted Provisions specifically... When I hear the word “provisions,” I imagine standing next to Meriwether Lewis as he and his companion, William Clarke, were standing at the Quartmaster’s Store receiving the supplies they would need for a long and arduous journey, forging into the unknown and charting a path for the expanse of a nation. More than simply gathering materials; rather, they were seeking to be prepared for any number of challenges they might face. (Lewis & Clarke carried 50 pounds of coffee in their provisions...though it didn't come roasted.) Yes, coffee in its simplest form is a “roasted provision,” but we see it as so much more. It fuels the day.  It energizes us at the core.

While life today is much much different than frontiersmen exploring a new land, we are still faced with our own kind of arduous journey and daily adventures.  As such, we need to be equally prepared for what the day might bring.  A great cup of coffee is a daily essential for many, so why not make it a great one!

Coffee is a great drink for teammates to share around a campfire or board room, connecting with each other, increasing their authentic understanding of each other and themselves, and creating authentic relationships for trust-based teams.  The more we grow to understand ourselves, the better we can serve those around us.

*Roasted Provisions Coffee Company, LLC is an independent website and provides Wood Badge and Order of the Arrow (OA) themed items.  While we donate portions of our proceeds to the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) and the World Organization of the Scout Movements (WOSM), we are not affiliated with either organization. Roasted Provisions is not an official website of the Boy Scouts of America and is not a licensed vendor.